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DAYDA x Gopi Shah Ceramics

I was fortunate enough to be on the podcast DAYDA, or De Aquí y de Allá (rooted from a common Spanish-language refrain meaning, “I’m neither from here nor there”), with Latinx host, Karen Sanchez, a Salvadoreña recording from Los Angeles. Karen created this podcast to reclaim the narrative— stating that we are from here and from there—and holding all aspects of our identities with equal significance, we can find a true sense of belonging. Check out the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts here.

Shoutout LA x Gopi Shah Ceramics

I was featured in Shoutout LA about how my background has shaped who I am today, how I run my business, my career path, and what I love about Long Beach.

Shoutout LA is part of the Los Angeles based Voyage Group of Magazines and Voyage LA, which is about giving the community an opportunity to go beyond stories. Shoutout LA hopes to inspire important conversations within the community that puts artists, creatives, and local businesses in the center of those conversations.


Community over Competition Week

On Monday, January 11 at 5 pm PT, I'll be part of a panel of community leaders discussing the power of community over competition and how to authentically market your brand and build your business with collaborations. This panel and week of workshops is brought to you by Community over Competition Week, a week of free online education, inspiration and actions to help grow your business. You can RSVP here to access the full schedule, links to events, and more.  

Community over Competition Week was created by Dear Handmade Life and Ampjar to help communities boost their business and support system.