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Small Business Support from Quickbooks

As COVID-19 ravages small business across the globe, Quickbooks is helping alleviate some pain from lay offs, rent and other expenses, and loss of income. Teaming up with GoFundMe, Quickbooks has created a Small Business Relief Initiative, which helps small businesses start a fundraiser, sharing their story, and requesting financial support to help cover employee-related and business expenses. They were able to use footage from my 2018 Quickbooks commercial to help share the Initiative. Check out the below commercial to watch me in my studio.


Portuguese Bend Distilling x Gopi Shah Ceramics

I'm ecstatic to partner with another Long Beach business, Portuguese Bend, Long Beach's first grain to glass distillery. The incredible design duo, Jim Leatherman and Josh Johnson, asked me to create tumblers for the February release of the Queens Passage rums inspired by the Queen Mary smokestacks.

Here are some photos of the process:




The Asian Highway x Gopi Shah Ceramics

Gopi Shah Ceramics was featured on The Asian Highway - Storytellers in Action, a podcast sharing stories of the Asian-American experience to facilitate positive change. Listen below or click here to hear my journey on the cross section of art and identity.