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Clay LA 2021

Come to Craft Contemporary this weekend for the annual pottery sale and fundraiser, Clay LA. Meet and shop from some of LA’s most vibrant and dynamic makers, listen to live music, and participate in air-dry clay activities. Check out the schedule and more information here.

A WAYS AWAY • BEANZ • Betsey Carter Ceramics • Fanny Penny • Francis River • Heo Ceramics • Jonathan Yamakami Ceramics • Kathryn Hillier Ceramics • Kris Erickson Ceramics • Lizbeth Navarro Ceramics • Made Only One • People's Pottery Project • PapiBoyBabyBoy • Perro y Arena • shy.jpeg • Sloane Angell Studio • Tomoro Pottery • WM Craftworks

Alina Hayes Ceramics Studio • Big Bell Ceramics • Cat See Design • EUNBI • Gina Zycher • Gopi Shah Ceramics • Miguel Torres-Macias • Morphologizing • OM Ceramic • Raina Lee • Sutherlin Santo • Tome Ceramics

Long Beach Post x Gopi Shah Ceramics

 I was featured in the Long Beach Post at my new home studio! So thrilled to be highlighted within the Long Beach community and represent artists living in this gorgeous city. 

 Check out the article for my interview and the below video for a tour of my studio.