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Ceramic Mushroom Installation #2

Last weekend, I hung out with some friends in Oakland where we planted another ceramic mushroom installation in Oak Glen Park. If you don't know about my ceramic mushroom installation goals for 2016, click here to read about the first one installation. 

I love finding hidden treasures while walking around cities. San Francisco has been a hard move for me. So many people here don't seem to pay attention to their surroundings and miss out on things others may notice who are paying better attention. I wanted to make something for those people who do look around instead of stare at their phone all day, who interact with their communities, and who notice the small details in life. I love mushrooms and think they are so beautiful. There are so many varieties and they seem to grow in unbelievable conditions. I decided to focus on learning about mushrooms this year and creating installations of ceramic mushrooms to place in various parts I visit. 

Mushroom Art Installation

I have been interested in doing public art installations for a few years now. Combining my love for nature, art, and technology, I would love to work with artists, engineers, and non-profits to create installations that help the environment in some way, be it cleaning toxins from the air or raising awareness for environmental issues.

Now in San Francisco, I have access to incredible hiking within 10 miles of my house. And since we've had great luck with El Niño and having a rainy, wet season, there have been ample opportunities for mushroom colonies to spurt. Finding these incredible growths, I decided that I would make ceramic mushrooms and plant them in places that I have been hiking hoping others would like finding simple art installations in everyday places. This project will be evolving in 2016 and I can't wait to see what the progress will be in a year.

Living by Golden Gate Park, I decided that I would plant my first installation on a walking/bicycle path that I use frequently. This path is used by some, but not used by most, which makes it a great spot to plant a few mushrooms.

I will give you a hint, it is located in the northeast corner of the park. If you are able to find it, hashtag it #lilmushies. I can't wait to learn more about mushrooms and mushroom types, create new ones in clay, and plant them around the Bay Area.

Gopi Shah Ceramics x Free People

I am so excited that November is finally here because that means that Free People has finally posted my ceramic wares made exclusively for them on their website! Bonus: my ceramic hands were featured in their November catalog

It was so great to work with the entire team that made this happen at Free People. It all started in February 2015 when a buyer contacted me who was interested in some of my ceramics. After submitting samples of my work, the design team asked me to make custom items that fit their aesthetic and color scheme. We finally decided on two different ceramic hand incense holders and some elegant coffee stirrers

In September, right before we relocated to San Francisco, I started producing and finalizing the order. 

This was such a wonderful experience where I learned more about working with larger retailers, packaging and shipping large orders for sale, and implementing new techniques all while learning more about myself and my business through the process.

I love the way both the incense holders and the stirrers came out. If you are looking for a unique holiday present for a loved one, know that these ceramic wares were all handmade by me in my tiny garage studio.