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Renegade San Francisco Favorites

There are so many things I love about Renegade Craft Fair:

  1. The amazing, attentive, and supportive staff that puts on Renegade throughout the country,
  2. The customers who come to meet the makers, ask questions, and purchase one of a kind items for themselves or for gifts, and
  3. The incredibly talented group of makers that continuously show up and create a welcoming environment for new artists and a community for veteran Renegade artists.

I started my business in 2014 and did my very first Renege Craft Fair for Holiday 2014. It was an incredible experience, and I met so many people who have helped me along the way. This last weekend, I passed my knowledge on to newer small businesses and was surprised at how much Renegade has become a community for me. 

There are so many incredibly talented people at these shows, and I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites for the spring 2016 show. In order from left to right, top to bottom:

  1. Elektra Steel // Hand Welded Objects // Bay Area
  2. Beast & Babe // Handmade Dog Leashes // Los Angeles
  3. Make It Good // Women's Apparel // Portland
  4. Leah Staley // Jewelry // Bay Area
  5. Ginger Caftan // Women's Apparel // Bay Area
  6. Allie Kushnir // Oil Portraits & Abstract Watercolors // Chicago
  7. Osei Duro // Women's Apparel // Los Angeles & Accra
  8. Salt & Pipper // Mixed Media & Pottery // Modesto
  9. 3rd Season Designs // Women's Apparel & Home Goods // Los Angeles

Renegade will be back in the summer, and I unfortunately will not be participating. However, I will hopefully participate in the Holiday 2016 show and see all my new and old friends there. 

Featured in Life on Pine

How exciting to be featured on one of SF's favorite blogs, Life on Pine! Kate's thoughtful write up on visiting the Oakland studio, throwing some cute lil vessels, and getting to know my neck of the woods is accompanied by beautifully composed photos. Had a great time with her and excited for her to see her two new ceramic additions to her home! 

Ceramic Mushroom Installation #3

On Sunday morning, my partner Jake and I went hiking in the Presidio and walked along Baker Beach. I took some new ceramic mushrooms with me to plant along a path since I hadn't done an installation in awhile. We had a great morning nearly to ourselves since the light misting detracted floods of people. 

My previous ceramic mushroom installations, I have found, have been taken! I am hoping that not just one person took all the mushrooms, but that some were left for others to enjoy. It has been a fun project to see these installations come to life. I am hoping that people are excited to find they are made from clay instead of being living and hoping they are being taken to a good home, cared for, and hopefully planted in backyards or indoor planters. I wish I had GPS-tracking on each piece to see where they are all ending up. These were planted on a path above Baker Beach - if you ever find one of these mushrooms, remember to tag it on Instagram with the hashtag #lilmushies.