Quickbooks x Gopi Shah Ceramics

In November, I was contacted by a production company to star in a commercial about the accounting software, Quickbooks, for my small business! Over 50 people came to my garage studio to film me for a full day shoot. 

The day started at 7 am when security, wardrobe, and hair and makeup came by and ended at nearly 7 pm when we did the last shot of me opening my garage door (which was actually the opening scene!). The art department set my studio up to look nice on camera, our driveway was filled with the film crew's gear and personnel, and Intuit was set up in our backyard with stadium seating so they could see the commercial being shot. 

During breaks of filming, I was photographed by the incredible Magdalena Wosinska for stills for the campaign. I was also able to chat a bit with the production and film crews as well as the client.

Did I feel like a celebrity? Yes. Did everyone in my neighborhood think I was a celebrity? Yes. It's ironic - for growing up in LA, I don't have many friends in the film industry, but I moved back to LA and six months later starred in a commercial. It was an incredible experience, and I have been overjoyed with messages coming in from friends across the country exclaiming they saw me on TV. The best was on Christmas when my family was watching a football game and then all of a sudden my face was on TV. My entire family screamed with excitement! 

Never would I have thought I'd be in a commercial for my business, but really thankful to showcase my small business and my hard work.