Mushroom Art Installation

I have been interested in doing public art installations for a few years now. Combining my love for nature, art, and technology, I would love to work with artists, engineers, and non-profits to create installations that help the environment in some way, be it cleaning toxins from the air or raising awareness for environmental issues.

Now in San Francisco, I have access to incredible hiking within 10 miles of my house. And since we've had great luck with El Niño and having a rainy, wet season, there have been ample opportunities for mushroom colonies to spurt. Finding these incredible growths, I decided that I would make ceramic mushrooms and plant them in places that I have been hiking hoping others would like finding simple art installations in everyday places. This project will be evolving in 2016 and I can't wait to see what the progress will be in a year.

Living by Golden Gate Park, I decided that I would plant my first installation on a walking/bicycle path that I use frequently. This path is used by some, but not used by most, which makes it a great spot to plant a few mushrooms.

I will give you a hint, it is located in the northeast corner of the park. If you are able to find it, hashtag it #lilmushies. I can't wait to learn more about mushrooms and mushroom types, create new ones in clay, and plant them around the Bay Area.