Gopi Shah Ceramics x FedEx

In April, I was approached by Archer Malmo, a creative advertising agency based in Memphis, to help produce an online commercial for FedEx. FedEx has partnered with Renegade Craft Fair to introduce flat rate shipping to makers and independent designers, and I was lucky enough to be selected to be featured in their series of commercials highlighting local micro-businesses.

It was an incredible experience working with such a fantastic team to produce this video about my small business. Telling my story is important to me, and having this beautifully shot video helps me communicate my business to others. 

A team of about 10 people came to my studio over the course of two days in May to film me working. They filmed me throwing on the wheel, hand carving, hand painting, glazing, loading the kiln and all the other creative processes that go into making ceramics. The team also came to Renegade Craft Fair in Austin! You can tell all the hard work that went into this video and I am so appreciative to have been selected and to have been able to work with this excellent and dedicated team.