Ceramic Mushroom Installation #3

On Sunday morning, my partner Jake and I went hiking in the Presidio and walked along Baker Beach. I took some new ceramic mushrooms with me to plant along a path since I hadn't done an installation in awhile. We had a great morning nearly to ourselves since the light misting detracted floods of people. 

My previous ceramic mushroom installations, I have found, have been taken! I am hoping that not just one person took all the mushrooms, but that some were left for others to enjoy. It has been a fun project to see these installations come to life. I am hoping that people are excited to find they are made from clay instead of being living and hoping they are being taken to a good home, cared for, and hopefully planted in backyards or indoor planters. I wish I had GPS-tracking on each piece to see where they are all ending up. These were planted on a path above Baker Beach - if you ever find one of these mushrooms, remember to tag it on Instagram with the hashtag #lilmushies.