Ceramic Mushroom Installation #2

Last weekend, I hung out with some friends in Oakland where we planted another ceramic mushroom installation in Oak Glen Park. If you don't know about my ceramic mushroom installation goals for 2016, click here to read about the first one installation. 

I love finding hidden treasures while walking around cities. San Francisco has been a hard move for me. So many people here don't seem to pay attention to their surroundings and miss out on things others may notice who are paying better attention. I wanted to make something for those people who do look around instead of stare at their phone all day, who interact with their communities, and who notice the small details in life. I love mushrooms and think they are so beautiful. There are so many varieties and they seem to grow in unbelievable conditions. I decided to focus on learning about mushrooms this year and creating installations of ceramic mushrooms to place in various parts I visit.